On his third project, AkinG Kalld Pedro delivers a charismatic soundtrack to life that relays heavily on Jazz Fusion and other subgenres of Jazz. Every track is filled with brilliant schemes, vibrant production, and thought out song structure. From What Dreams May Come to Memento, The one who calls himself “The 21st Century Salvador Dali" surfaces through his own version the Kübler-Ross model (5 stages of grief) attempting to achieve at any cost, a missing piece to his puzzle.

On this recent offering, AkinG Kalld Pedro documents another side to the story of his last effort "Afro-Brazil". For precisely 358 days, the DMV rapper delivers a strife of addictions, battling the heartless within and vivid images of his unkept utopia. On 358/2 DAYS, themes like balancing duality & an in-depth obsession of time have the author sinking to an abyss. Trapped in a juxtaposition, YunG Pedronova has one foot in the realm of light and the other in the bottomless pit of darkness.

After the 2013 release of his debut mixtape Two In One Story, AkinG Kalld Pedro delivers the genre bending Afro-Brazil. While exploring and dabbling in different musical genres and cultures of Brazil, Akp manages to capture Bossa Nova, Samba, Funk Carioca, MPB, Axé and Forro all under 40 minutes. Afro-Brazil finds the DMV rapper battling Addictions on Brazilian XXXstar, Reminiscing about an old flame on Suadade. This body of work is daring & transparent, yet a vague journey all at the same time

With the temperamental sounds of the blues and jazz and a tint of the wittiness of the trap genre, AkinG Kalld Pedro debuts with his first project, The Two In One Story. While starting out with prominent skits, AkinG compliments the theme by sharing the tales of hardship and struggle throughout lives of others and also of himself. We hear a strong sentiment of weakness to grasp on "Whats Better" and handling the problems of life being thrown at individuals on "Life is Parallel To Hell".