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Formerly known as AkinG Kalld Pedro, Akinola Pedro was in Washington D.C. and was raised by Nigerian parents on the outskirts of the nation's capital. at a young age he has been able to see the world by visiting countries like brazil and nigeria, the latter of which he spent six years in the city of lagos. having music around him, his parents listened to a wide range of artists like michael jackson, tina turner, lionel richie, and international musicians such as fela kuti, Shina peters , Sade and much more. Pedro fell in love with hip hop at the age of 7 years old after listening to his brother’s copy of “the eminem show''. he decided to pursue music after hearing lupe fiasco’s debut album.
in 2013, pedro released his first mixtape, two in one story: the suicide project. after his first release, he began exploring and dabbling in different sounds, pursuing brazil's bossa nova genre and american jazz. he then developed an interest in artists like janelle monae and brazilian artists such as simone and arthur verocai. this all helped him shape his distinctive sound over hip-hop productions. aking kalld pedro released the genre-bending "afro-brazil: Vvva sua paixao" in the summer of 2016, which displays the dmv rapper battling addictions on brazilian xxxstar, reminiscing about an old flame on suadade and harmonizing in portuguese on the wavy glott! production minha alma canta. shortly after the release of afro-brazil, pedro began recording his independent debut release, titled "358/2 days: before i slept". the project which made it's debut on the underground itunes hip-hop charts was influenced by the kingdom hearts game the project was released on september 29, 2017. In the Spring of 2019, he released his demo album SURREALISM, and later that year, found himself amongst 10 other emerging artists that won the inaugural 2Kbeats Contest created by Steve Stoute’s UnitedMasters. Pedro’s breakout single, Traffic.jam {BARGAIN}, was hand-picked by Kevin Durant and Stoute himself for NBA 2K20 Soundtrack. In 2020, Pedro released the first single “INTERNACIONAL! (Plan B)” off his 2021 debut album "Children of Immigrants! (Mother's B-Day Edition)". The single earned him a placement on NBA 2K21 Next Gen Soundtrack marking Pedro with back-to-back placements with 2ksports. After relocating to Los Angeles, Pedro outgrew his former stage name which lead to his decision to officially go by his birth name in 2022. Pedro is set to release his debut EP under his new name later this year
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